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I'm a developer and data scientist with a passion for code quality and understanding data.


From architecture, model evaluation to execution, each new project presents the opportunity to push limits creatively and technically. My passion is to enable functional data processing and analysis focusing on what the end product needs as well as test novel ideas. Get in touch.


Soon to graduate from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm with a Bachelor in Engineering Physics and a Master in Machine Learning. Technical co-founder of the electrical data analysis company Watty. With over two years of professional experience and burning interest for nine, my abilities cover many facets of data analysis, probability theory and software development. I am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Data analysis

Time series, graphical models, probability theory, bayesian statistics, generative models, descriminative models, latent models, clustering, prediction and visualizations.

Software development

Python, Numpy/Pandas, Java, Haskell, C/C++, MATLAB, SQL, NoSQL, algorithms.


Machine learning, graphical models, functional programming, mathematics, problem solving and training.

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